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for Economic Developers

Easy. Complete. Affordable.


Generate leads and engage local business


The CRM keeps your team in sync


HubSpot's tools help you win projects


Eliminate manual reporting processes

Business Attraction

Target and connect with companies that you want to pursue. Build relationships with site selectors. Connect with companies in the market to expand and move their operations.

Easy CRM

Companies, Contacts and Projects and more. This is the easiest CRM system to learn. Company data - "auto populates". You'll be up and running in days.

Business Retention

Target and connect with companies that you want to meet with for your annual BRE meeting. Capture data but more importantly, capture Opportunity to Help.

Talent - Workforce

If attracting talent is part of your new mission, we've got you covered. Marketing - Leads - Job Board - Concierge Services.


Add our incubator and accelerator modules to your membership CRM. Grow your start up ecosystem.

Community Projects

Track engagement in community projects that your team leads or participates in.


Need to manage committees and volunteers? We've built it.

Allies and Educators

Create company and contact records for all of your allies and partners. Track referrals to partners - measure outcomes. Easily collaborate with allies and partners.

Tourism Too

If growing your tourism economy is part of your mission, add our tourism tools to your membership system.

Property Development

Track and manage all efforts related to property development. Including buying, selling, and leasing.

Grants and Loans

Track and manage all efforts related to getting grants, loaning money, and distribution of grant funds.

Incentives and Compliance

Track incentive packages offered and the process to secure incentives. Track company compliance with incentives provided.

HubSpot for All

Our clients include: State, Regional, Metro, Local, Downtown Development Districts, Small towns to Large Cities, Industrial Development Authorities, Utility Companies.

Economic Development

Purpose built to address ALL Aspects of economic development. We remove what you don't need vs. spending your $$$ building out software.

Investors -Memberships

Investor Sales pipeline, renewals, invoicing, gifts in kinds, and investor onboarding to boost retention.

Incentives & Compliance

Keep up with a company's performance against incentives provided.

Sites and Buildings

Track sites and buildings submitted to a project, manage sites you own, market active properties.



Run your business incubator-accelerator front to back. See incubator pages for more info.

Workforce Development

HubSpot handles talent attraction and workforce development. Upskill your workforce.

Start Up's

Attract and help companies start up. Measure start up success and track lead source to know what's working here.

Local Business  

Better BRE

Our BRE system works with your website and marketing tools. Get more intel from companies. Get more and better visits.

Assistance Tracker

If you track assists - we help you track KPI's and outcomes. Report on the effectiveness of your team.


Conduct online surveys to capture and report on data. Create new surveys in minutes and watch the data roll in.


Lead Conversion Tools

With more website visitors, you'll need the tools to convert leads. Forms, Chat and Chat bots come with HubSpot.

HubSpot CMS

Build a new, or another website using the HubSpot CMS. Stuck on an outdate city site? Here's your exit.

Love Your Website?

Great! When you connect the site to HubSpot it gets 10x better. You will be able to track your ROI on the website. Call to discuss.

Targeted Emails

Conduct targeted email campaigns using Marketing Lists based on company and contact data.

More Website Hits

Create landing pages that boost your SEO and give you ultimate flexibility. "more than CRM" you get Marketing Tools.

Social and Ads

Generate Leads with Social and Paid Ad Campaigns. Track marketing dollar ROI on Campaigns.
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Clean and Easy...

The Secret is the System.

  • EASY to learn system.  ✔️ 
  • The system includes marketing and communications tools.  ✔️ 
  • Spending hours creating reports from multiple systems?   Stop! Our colorful, insightful reports "run" themselves. ✔️ 
  • Dictate notes in our FREE, mobile app. ✔️ 
  • Works with email (Outlook & G-mail)... Office 365 and the Google Suite. ✔️ 

"I wish I'd have found Convergence A YEAR AGO... we'd have saved 50-80+ hours of trial and error" (This group implemented HubSpot on their own)

"HubSpot is great but The Convergence Version is Perfect".   Anonymous and Slightly Embarrassed EcDev Executive, 4-28-2022

Importantly - Convergence's team knows economic development. You can only get this version of HubSpot from Convergence.

Sadly, if you've already bought HubSpot from HubSpot directly or from another partner, you may be too late! And the system won't be correctly configured to support your efforts.

Call us before contacting HubSpot.


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