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The Economic Developers Marketing & CRM Platform

Finally, an easy, fully connected system designed to support people working across the economic development ecosystem.



Economic Development 

Your success depends on systems and collaboration

Economic development organizations must be responsive, agile, fast and flexible. Without the right software platform, momentum is lost and things quickly get out of hand.

If you're looking to Improve and Simplify your economic development strategy - start your journey here.

  • Our EASY Marketing and CRM system works for you - not against you.
  • Minimize time spent entering data and running reports.
  • Track everything. Forget nothing.
  • Consolidate data into a single tool that works for you.
  • Marketing and Communications tools are included and play a pivotal role in your success. 

The EASY, Intuitive CRM that Works for You

Business Attraction

Attract the right type of companies that will fit into your economy. Target account marketing and the tools you need to drive interest and win against your toughest competitors.

EZ Project Management

See everything. Forget nothing. Manage complex projects to win. Track and measure key metrics. Implement your perfect system to compete and win against tough competitors.

Grow Start Ups

HubSpot runs incubators, accelerators and start up programs of all types. Support local, small business and your economy will thrive. Develop your start up ecosystem with HubSpot.

Market Like a Genius

HubSpot's modern marketing tools work together to help you reach your audience and engage. Deep insights and automation nurture leads through their "buying journey".

BRE Programs - Assists

Deploy a flexible and modern approach to BRE visit. Capture data but more importantly, capture insights and find opportunities to help companies grow and succeed.

Capture Tourism $$$

Attract events, conventions and tourists eager to spend their money with your local companies. Tourism is a magnetic pull that resonates across the entire ecosystem.

Workforce & Talent

Our system addresses workforce development and talent attraction. Collaborate & Connect with educators and employers. Attract talent.

Explore the Hubs - Our Toolset Optimized for organizations impacting the local economy.

Smart Email Marketing

HubSpot includes email marketing tools - eliminate subscriptions to Constant Contact and MailChimp. Easy to use - target specific groups of people with email marketing messages.

Get Found Online

Is your website easy for your target market to find? We'll help your website rank high in relevant search engine results - when your market searches for answers, they will find you.

The Easy CRM

Most CRM tools are too complex and frustrating. HubSpot's CRM tools consistently rank tops in ease of use. Our EASY CRM works for you. Company data "auto-populates" with less data entry.

Less Work - Say YES to Low Stress

HubSpot automation tools work for your team, automating both complex and routine activities. Ensure that nothing is missed by automating your business processes. Example: HubSpot can auto-assign client onboarding tasks to your team and update the data for you, eliminating work and errors.

Better Reports that Run Themselves

Frustrated by the amount of time and effort it takes to create meaningful reports? Any and all data captured in HubSpot can be used to generate reports that tell your story. STOP spending countless hours creating reports and losing time - let HubSpot do the work.

The EASY CRM: Works with Outlook G-mail

HubSpot's EASY CRM allows you to see HubSpot data from within Outlook and G-mail. Emails and calendars are in sync. Contacts in email systems sync with the CRM database. Hundreds of other systems "connect" in to HubSpot as well.

Working with Economic Developers since 2010

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What Our Clients Say

My former organization struggled with salesforce - it was just too complex and cumbersome for our team to use. And the marketing pieces where separate in a system called Pardot.

When I started working here with HubSpot.. my life as an economic developer got much easier. We just upgraded to the Marketing Professional tools.

Smiling business team standing upright with their hands on their hips
Marketing Director

As an executive director of our EDO, our regional group uses salesforce.

We took the time to find HubSpot which is much easier to use. From sites and buildings to investors and events... we've got a system to ensure success for the long haul.


hubs with details
Executive Director

HubSpot gives us insight and intelligence about the people and companies we work with. In addition to company data auto-populating, we know who's engaged with our emails, proposals, website and more....

HubSpot gives us Actionable Insight that helps us win.

Businesswoman boss in conference room sitting with back in chair
Director of Business Attraction

Convergence has configured HubSpot to run our incubator. Marketing - Application - Leases - Alumni Engagement. 

And, we're able to provide HubSpot to our clients to help them grow even faster.

Our success is based on the success of our graduates. HubSpot is a win for all of us.

Incubator Director

Business Retention and Expansion.

We've got a modern BRE system that consists of marketing outreach, surveys, email templates and sequences that help us generate more meetings with targeted, local accounts.

We capture data but most importantly, we find ways to help our local companies grow and we track the Impact of our BRE program.

BRE meeting
Business Retention and Expansion

HubSpot is working for our Workforce Development efforts.

We meet with companies to document their talent demands and then determine how we can support their efforts to attract the best employees.

We connect companies to educators and measure Impact.

Director of Workforce Development

HubSpot puts you in Control

Our Software, Your Strategy

You'll get our software that is pre-configured to support your way of working. But that's not enough. As the architect of your system, our job is to make HubSpot, Your HubSpot.   

 During the Onboarding Process, your team tells us how to make the system work even better for each person. You design, we build. We train to run the HubSpot ball into the End Zone. Victory is yours. 

  • We build on top of the reports we include out of the box so you get the reports that you want and need.
  • Tell us how you'd like to the system to automate your processes.
  • Leverage the marketing tools to drive results as part of your marketing campaigns and marketing plan.

Receive updates on new developments, tools, and more. Articles, insights and resources.  All for economic developers.