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HubSpot - Economic Development Capabilities

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Business Attraction

Attract the right type of companies that will fit into your economy. Target account marketing and the tools you need to drive interest and win against your toughest competitors.

Project Management

See everything. Forget nothing. Manage complex projects to win. Track and measure key metrics. Implement your perfect system to compete and win against tough competitors.

Workforce & Talent

Address workforce development and talent attraction. Collaborate & Connect with educators and employers. Attract talent. If you measure impressions and traffic there's a better way.
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E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Send great looking emails to audiences, and track results / engagement directly inside the CRM. Other systems fall short - here, CRM + Marketing work together.

Get Found - HubSpot SEO

SEO tools are included with the system. It works.. You're here.. aren't you? HubSpot knows SEO. This is a HubSpot CMS website and it's optimized for SEO.

Easy CRM + Mobile App

HubSpot has the easiest CRM to use - ditch the folders and open windows. Free mobile app. Scan business cards and company data auto-populates.

Leads - Marketing Power

HubSpot's modern marketing tools work together to help you reach your audience and engage. Ads, email, social, automation, SEO, and more.

Startup Incubate Accelerate

HubSpot runs incubators, accelerators and start up programs of all types. Support local, small business and your economy will thrive. HubSpot can help.

HubSpot for Tourism - CVB

Attract events, conventions and tourists eager to spend their money with your local companies. Generate traffic and lead conversions plus CRM.


Track sales, sponsorships, memberships and renewals. QuickBooks interface. Automate and improve investor onboarding and investor relations.

Track Referrals

Track where your leads come from and track all outbound referrals to your strategic alliances / partners. Measure your outcomes - know what's paying off.

Forms - Online Chat

How many websites have you abandoned because all they gave you was a form? Forms are fine but our chat tools are better for converting traffic to leads.

Online Surveys

Paying for a third party survey tool? Eliminate the expense, capture intel with HubSpot and report on the data - then take Action...


Track Assistance Provided to local companies / members. Most importantly, track the outcomes which feed your KPI's.


A complete and modern BRE program for Business Retention and Expansion annual meetings. Year over year, deep reporting.

Economic Development CRM 

Expertise in Economic Development

Marketing & Lead Generation Experts 


Globally, over 100 Economic Development Organizations achieve success with HubSpot for Economic Developers 

Our team has been working with Marketing and CRM systems in these vertical markets since 2012.

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You'll hear us say "We're here to help" over and over again. This is our guiding principle. Our team gets excited about every community we have the honor of contributing to. We take a personal interest in your success.

Working with us means that you'll start out on day 1 with a success system that is pre-configured based on the  best practices our clients are using in the field today.

Download The Economic Developers Buyers Guide to CRM 2022
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