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Convergence a certified hubspot partner

HUBSPOT: A Software Success

System Built for Economic Developers


Economic Development Success


It's a difficult road to success without the right tools.

The same is true if you have too much software that is

overwhelming and difficult for your team to master.

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Simplify to Win.


♥ HubSpot works inside of Outlook & Gmail  gm

♥ Automated Reports - Stop the "update excel fire drills"

♥ Marketing and CRM tools that Work with Your Website

♥ Built for Economic Developers and Community Builders

♥ BRE, ♥ Surveys, ♥ Email Marketing, ♥ Social Media Marketing

♥ Company Research Tools, ♥ Investors, ♥ Events

Automated Reports -World-Class Communications with the Board and Elected Officials.

Additional Content and Resources


View this collection of HubSpot reports for economic developers - all reports live on your dashboard and update in real-time - stop the "update excel scramble".


Free Video Training Course

Before you buy software or a CRM for your economic development team, take this free, short course. This guide gives you a logical plan and tools on how to evaluate and compare Economic Development CRM software tools.

Access Free Online Course


Track and gain insights on how your economic development team assists local companies in your community. Your HubSpot reports update throughout the day and display on your dashboard.



View this collection of Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Reports used by over 100 Economic Development teams across the globe. Feel Free to steal these reports and rebuild them in excel (or get them for free when you work with Convergence.

Download These BRE Reports

BRE: Business Retention and Expansion Economic Development eBook

How to create a BRE Program for your community.


PowerPoint - a comprehensive overview of HubSpot for Economic Developers

Economic Development CRM and Software overview - how HubSpot works for economic developers.


Economic Developers Guide to CRM and Economic Development Software

Convergence updates this guide throughout the year - understand how to evaluate, compare and select the right software for your economic development team.


VIDEO: Disaster Recovery for Economic Developers

In the event of a community disaster, we can help. We hope you never need this.


VIDEO: HubSpot Economic development pipelines explained

Understand HubSpot pipelines and how economic developers use HubSpot pipelines.


VIDEO: HubSpot Chatbot. The Use Case for Economic Development

How to use a HubSpot chat bot on your economic development website properties page - convert leads with this tool from Convergence


VIDEO: Company Data Populated by HubSpot automatically

In this video, you'll see how HubSpot saves you time by finding company data for you.

Be amazed - watch this!


When you need to manage a special or unique project, HubSpot has a tool for that.

Watch this to see how you can manage your special projects, tasks and more.

VIDEO: HubSpot How To Manage Investors / Members

HubSpot how to video: create a proposal / quote for membership or for an investor

Check out this video!

VIDEO: HubSpot How To Manage Grants, Loans, and Applications

HubSpot How To Video: how can hubspot help us manage things like grants, loans and applications?

See It!

VIDEO: How Can HubSpot Help Us Manage Investors and Members

A HubSpot how to video: How Can HubSpot Help Us Manage Investors and Members

Watch this video

VIDEO: HubSpot - How can we use Ticket and Ticket Pipelines to our Advantage

HubSpot How To Video: see how economic developers use Tickets in HubSpot for BRE and Assistance Tracking


VIDEO: Is HubSpot Easy to Use?

EasyBake Oven Easy... Watch this video to see how easy it is to work with HubSpot...

Watch the Easy Video

VIDEO: Can we create Surveys in HubSpot?

Here's how surveys work in HubSpot.

See Surveys in HubSpot - watch this!

VIDEO: HubSpot for Economic Developers - the quick tour

HubSpot How to Video: Walk Though of HubSpot for Economic Developers

Take the Tour

VIDEO: HubSpot for Tourism

HubSpot How to Video: if tourism attraction is part of your economic development mission...

Watch this
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Download -  HubSpot Capabilities   CRM checklist

Notes from Economic Developers

"This is our economic development machine, built the way I run an economic development organization using my metrics, my reports, my structure" - Convergence set this up to meet my requirements and vision.
"When I took this position, I inherited a mess. My successor will inherit a clean, clear and organized system"
"This software will remain as a valuable tool long after I'm gone"
"Anyone can pick up and work even when someone is out of the office"
"Works from within my email system - it's easy"


"Now we can measure and report on our impact"
"Everyone on our team has found a way to win and make their work life easier"
"Thank you. We love this software"

"After the demonstration, we were convinced that this is the most complete and easiest system on the market"

Reports run automatically and are refreshed all day - it's easy to see what's happening at a glance"

"Finally, our board has the reports they've been asking for"

"Handles workforce development wonderfully"

Download -  HubSpot Capabilities   CRM checklist