HubSpot - When Your Business Community Needs to Attract Talent.

Your Local Companies Need Talented Employees. Now.

How do you attract these people to your community?

1. We recommend that you hire a strategist that is an expert in this field. You're going to need to tell inspiring and compelling stories to get individuals to pack up and move. You will need to understand buyer persona's and what their journey looks like. Your job is to be the guide so they can be the hero in your story. 

2. If the terms "guide" and "story" resonate with you, we've got expert marketers that have mastered this marketing methodology for this specific purpose.

3. You've got to define and find ways to reach your target audience. Fortunately, we know how to do this. And social media outlets are key.

4. You'll need to create ads that get people's attention so you can get them on a buyer's journey. Yep. Moving to your community is indeed, a buyer's journey.

5. We believe in capturing contact info and nurturing contacts along their buyers journey.  High level website traffic numbers from google analytics are not enough. 

6. HubSpot marketing automation will kick into high gear, gradually leading people to the point where they visit, tour, and start considering your community. You'll want to get to know the individuals moving here at some point so that you can track Conversions and attribute newcomers to your campaigns and to the marketing spend.

If tracking and measuring ROI is important to you.. 

We can help.

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