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Convergence a certified hubspot partner


For membership based organizations. 

Take Control - Drive Results

If you've dreamed of a new membership software platform to replace or fill in the gaps. You are not alone.

Odds are, you've got a system that has too many holes. A system that does not connect with outlook, gmail, and other systems.


Easy CRM

Companies, Contacts and Deals. From selling sponsorships to memberships, each sales process is managed in it's own pipeline. HubSpot helps you drive revenue.

Marketing and Leads

A full marketing suite for member communications and lead generation. Our tools make it easy to generate and nurture leads on the buyers journey.


Integrated with Event Brite or use our marketing tools and CRM system together to promote events, accept payment and take reservations.

Invoice - Accounting

Connects to accounting systems like QuickBooks Online and many more. Accept payments online. Sync member data with Accounting Software.

Talent - Workforce

If attracting talent is part of your new mission, we've got you covered. Marketing - Leads - Job Board - Concierge Services - Skill Up.

Economic Development

Add our Economic Development modules to your system. Keep confidential Project Data isolated to the executive and Economic Development teams.

Leadership Programs

Built using our Incubator - Cohort concept - promote, track and manage your annual leadership programs with HubSpot. Track leadership alumni and recruit new leaders.


Add our incubator and accelerator modules to your membership CRM. Grow your start up ecosystem.

Tourism Too

If growing your tourism economy is part of your mission, add our tourism tools to your membership system.


Need to manage committees and volunteers? We've built it.

Free Membership

Yep - Free Chamber Membership Models... it's a thing. Increase total members quickly, sell what your new members need and can afford. Increase business engagement.

Member Directory

We've got a few membership directory options for you but we really favor the online community approach. We've seen one community with 30,000 local community members trading leads and opportunities in cities with 200,000 residents.

Membership Sales

Manage membership sales and renewals in HubSpot. Stuck with an outdated system that you can't walk away from? We'll sell in HubSpot and send data to your other system(s).


Track legislative efforts and results. See how much time and effort is spent. Document all meetings, emails, notes in a single system and keep confidential data protected.

Ready to Grow and Streamline Operations?

If you're curious. 
If you believe that someone, somewhere must have solved your challenges.
Then here's how to discover and see what's possible....just hit that Go Button in Orange. 

Top 5 Signs you need a better system..

1. You often hear the  phrase... "We used to be a member but..."

2. Your leads are low in number and lacking in quality.

3. Your system operates in a silo, next to multiple other, disconnected systems. Keeping things straight is a mess.

4. You're constantly tempted to add more and more software to the mix.

5. Reporting is like lobbying to pass a bill in Congress, you have to get multiple people and data sources aligned.

We can help.