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Convergence a certified hubspot partner

Drive Tourism and Convention Revenue

with Our Easy, Affordable Software System...


Completely Integrated Experience:  Website (content management system) + Marketing Tools + CRM 

Tourism Magnetism

  • Searchable member / partner listings syncs between CRM and the directory
  • Online, searchable knowledge base
  • Landing pages, calls to action, chat, chatbots and website forms - convert website traffic into leads
  • Easy and affordable
  • Over 1,000 integrations snap into place
  • Custom reporting
  • Marketing automation
  • Connect your ad accounts (google, facebook, linkedin)
  • Collaborate with Economic Development, Talent Attraction, Permitting, Special Events, Etc.
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media marketing - engagement
  • Build relationships with Media Contacts
  • Track and engage your members / stake holders / investors
  • E-mail marketing is built right in
  • Secure and compliant with GDPR

Why DMO's Would Want to Look at HubSpot vs. SimpleView?


The answer lies in the array of powerful features that HubSpot offers to destination marketing organizations.

HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing platform that helps DMO's attract, engage, and delight their target audience. With HubSpot, DMO's can create and manage their website, blog, social media, email marketing, and analytics in one place. This means that DMO's can streamline their marketing efforts and gain valuable insights into their audience's behavior.

Additionally, HubSpot provides robust lead generation and lead nurturing tools that enable DMO's to turn website visitors into customers. By using HubSpot, DMO's can create a seamless and personalized experience for their audience, which is crucial in today's competitive travel industry.

In summary, HubSpot can work wonders for DMO's by providing a powerful marketing platform, Website builder, and CRM that Convergence optimizes for each DMO.

Oh, HubSpot is easier to use and less expensive too.

Easy CRM

Companies, Contacts and Group Sales. This is the easiest CRM system to learn.

Marketing and Leads

A full marketing suite to attract tourists and groups / events / conventions. It's all about lead generation and converting website traffic. Our tools make it easy to guide website visitors through their buyers journey.


Integrated with Event Brite or use our marketing tools and CRM system together to promote events, accept payment and take reservations.

Invoice - Accounting

Connects to accounting systems like QuickBooks Online and many more. Accept payments online. Generate quotes, proposals and invoices.


Need to manage committees and volunteers? We've built it.

Sites and Buildings

Manage your sites and buildings inside of HubSpot. Create landing pages. Use Chat Bots. Our forms help you get more listings on your site.

Local Business Directory

We've got a few membership directory options for you. Use landing pages to promote local attractions, restaurants, venues and more.

Business Attraction

Target and attract more tourism based business into your local community. Need a putt putt course or a Top Golf? We can help.

Business Retention

Target and connect with companies that you want to meet with for your annual BRE meeting. Capture data from companies that serve tourists to see how you can help them grow.

Community Projects

Track engagement in community projects that your team leads or participates in. Recreation and land use are critical pieces of your tourism optimization strategy.

Property Development

Track and manage all efforts related to property development. Including buying, selling, and leasing.

Grants and Loans

Track and manage all efforts related to getting grants, loaning money, and distribution of grant funds.

New for 2023 - Online Searchable Directory

Use Cases

  • Searchable directory of investors/members/ tourism operators/ retailers/ local B2C companies
  • Searchable directory displays data from the local companies in your HubSpot database
  • Great for shop local/buy local
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