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Convergence a certified hubspot partner


for Disaster Recovery. FREE. 

I hope you never have to use this. 

I encourage you to sign up so you'll have this ready to go should disaster strike your community.

Convergence - A HubSpot partner working with economic developers and communities across the globe.

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FREE: Disaster Recovery System

FREE CRM Database

Upload your business contacts from excel or pull everyone in from Outlook or Gmail in minutes. Communicate with everyone.

Email Your Contacts

Send a marketing email to everyone in the database. From here, they can complete a Request for Assistance Form.

Create Tickets

Requests for Assistance Tickets are routed to your response team so they coordinate and provide services to help.

Landing Pages

Use additional landing pages or create a free website using this platform. It's quick and easy.

Find Volunteers

Another form allows you to capture volunteer information and identify how helpers can contribute.


Access the system from within Outlook or gmail so it's easy to use and connected. Connect to other tools like slack, teams, etc.

To Sign Up

Includes disaster recovery planning tools from Economic Development Expert with a background in Disaster Recovery


Rob O'Brian