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 2024 Pricing

Business Incubators, Business Accelerators, University Centers of Excellence

Example: A 10 Person Team

$7,944 / year 


8 Power Users:  highly engaged with customers day to day and use HubSpot's CRM  throughout the day (from within Outlook or Gmail)

  • CEO
  • Marketing
  • Operations Manager
  • Program Manager (2)
  • Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Coaches on Staff 4
  • External Coaches - Volunteers 30

*5,500 marketing contacts, 20,000 total contacts in the CRM

**501c3 pricing applied

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How Does This Team Use HubSpot?

  • Attract the right companies with growth potential
  • Serve startups and track progress year over year
  • Track key performance metrics
  • Raise Funds from private companies
  • Lease space, sell memberships
  • Programs offered
  • Application processing
  • Events (free and paid)
  • Invoicing - Integrated with QuickBooks Online
  • Tech Transfer
  • Recruit and Manage Volunteers
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Alumni Management
  • Track Referrals
  • Secure Private Funding
  • Report to Investors and Board of Directors
  • Report to Grantor
  • Pursue Grant Funds

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HubSpot Licenses Used

  • Marketing Hub Starter (email marketing, lists, forms, CTA's, connect LinkedIn and Google Ads) with up to 1,000 "marketing contacts"
  • Sales Hub Pro (1 licenses) 
  • Service Hub Enterprise (1 licenses)
  • Commerce Hub 
  • Operations Hub Starter
  • Content Hub Starter (website, blog, content with AI)
  • Free integrations listed above