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Pricing and Overview 

Overview 2024

HubSpot Licenses: 5 Hubs are available

  • Sales Hub
  • Marketing Hub 
  • Service Hub
  • Operations Hub
  • CMS Hub (website builder)

There are 3 licenses levels per Hub. As you can see, it's important to work with someone that can guide you through the licensing.

The HubSpot license model changes in March of 2024.


2 custom reports from HubSpot

Convergence, LLC - our role as your HubSpot Partner.

  • We are a certified Partner with HubSpot. We help clients with HubSpot Onboarding: purchase, set-up, configuration of the software, training and support.
  • We have created Industry Specific versions of HubSpot using Accelerators.
  • We understand your business better which is why companies choose to work with us for their Onboarding.
  • Our job is to deliver a software system that supports your organization with our white glove services
  • We also act as a marketing agency if needed: marketing strategy and execution to drive traffic and leads.
  • While HubSpot contracts are held directly with HubSpot, we do earn a commission when helping you purchase licenses. Since our Industry Versions of HubSpot are only available through Convergence, LLC, it's always best to stat communicating with us before engaging with HubSpot. Our Industry Accelerators are free when we receive Partner Credit for your purchase of HubSpot licenses.

How to Buy HubSpot.

  • Ideally, connect with Convergence first as we are uniquely positioned to show you how HubSpot can support your business with our accelerators. We encourage you to make this connection Right Now...  this takes 10 seconds. 
  • Define your requirements. We provide a Quick Form that helps you see what's possible and then you can choose what you'd like us to show during your live HubSpot demonstration.
  • After the demonstration, we typically provide you with 1 hour of free training and a Free version of HubSpot to use. This is not a pilot or trial. You can use the Free version which will be lightly modified for you. There is no cost or obligation. After using HubSpot for a few minutes, you'll see just how easy and effective this tool can be.
  • Based on your needs and budget, we will generate a quote. The quote will include costs for HubSpot licenses (annual subscription) and Onboarding fees. Onboarding is the setup, customization and training provided by Convergence along with the Accelerator(s) you may need. 
  • Onboarding typically takes less than 30 days for most organizations.

Software Pricing - call for details and quote.

There are a lot of variables including discount packages. 

  • Licenses start at $0
  • Starter Licenses start at $45/month
  • Marketing Contacts are sold in tiers
  • Professional Licenses start at $400/month
  • Enterprise Licenses start at $1,200/month


A Non Profit's 7 person team could purchase the following for $53/person/month.

Service Pro, Sales Starter, Marketing Starter 1,000 marketing contacts, CMS Starter, Ops Starter.  

Onboarding - pricing is based on your requirements and licenses purchased.

Call to discuss your vision, needs and pricing.